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Do you have a truck that needs lifting due to some accident or you simply want to sell it and get it out of your garage? Trucks Wrecker offer a wide array of car-removal services from personal van and even to trucks in exchange of only the best price that you can get. Once you sell your truck to us, we provide free truck removal on the very same day and give cash for truck. No hidden charges and no extra fees, only guaranteed and the best truck-removal service there is.

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Here in Trucks Wrecker,

We take in everything- including damaged trucks!

Unlike other truck-removal services that barely buy anything from their customers, we at Trucks Wrecker accept and buy almost every car and truck that you have, and in any condition that they are in! Even if the truck is damaged, severely smashed, wrecked or missing in parts or has broken components, we still want them and in return, pay you with the highest possible amount of money that you will get from an old car or truck. Wherever you are in Melbourne, our services are in your disposal and it only takes a simple call for the process to begin. Call us today and expect the following:


  • Helpful Customer Service Experts

Our customer service experts have undergone adequate training to assist you in your concerns and address your every question. Talk to them about anything of our services and you will be informed accordingly.


  • Free Truck Removal and Document Processing!

Everytime you sell your trucks here in Trucks Wrecker, aside from giving you the best price for your old and unwanted trucks, we provide same-day truck removal and completely free processing of documents of transfer. You only have to do so much as making yourself comfortable and waiting for your money!


  • We guarantee that you will only have the best Truck-removal service there is!

With our ten years of being in the car removal industry, we take pride in our extremely long list of satisfied customers who wanted their trucks sold and were more than satisfied with the value that we have given their trucks. You can be an addition to this long list of customers and experience the wonders of our super simple and hassle-free process of buying and removing your truck out of your garage.


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And Get The Highest Value For Your Trucks!


Here in Trucks Wrecker, we see everything in the perspective of our customers as we believe that you only deserve the best truck removal that urgently tend to your trucks as soon as you call us and give you the best price for the truck that you want to sell. Choose us and you will have the most pleasurable experience in selling your truck. Get up to $ 10000 in exchange for your truck, regardless of its condition, manufacturer, date purchased and age.